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Want to wear this to Blizzcon? How about to an Iron Maiden concert? Dentist? Piano recital? Doesn’t matter- they’re all awesome places to demonstrate how well informed and generally awesome a hunter you are!

Now I can’t legally tell you that this will cause you become successful and popular, however I’m not going to say that it won’t. Wearing WoW bling in the right crowd can turn a group of awkward strangers into a slightly smaller group of slightly more awkward strangers, and two people loudly arguing about when to gem ArP, and when MM gets better than SV! (more…)

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The grand-daddy of all hunter bloggers, BRK, just announced that he is going to be selling T-Shirts. Druid T-shirts, though! While, rumor has it that he’ll introduce a proper hunter shirt soon, he doesn’t have one yet! I figured I’d get this out in the wild before he totally takes my lunch.

Feast your eyes, folks, on the OutDPS tamed druid T-shirt, image courtesy of Pikestaff:

Since BRK was kind enough to introduce me to the same guy that does his shirts, the sizing guide and prices are the same. Prices range from 15$ for most sizes, up to 21$ for 6XL. Before I create a paypal button, however, I need to know whether there’s enough demand:

Show your hunter pride, and make sure you have one if you’re going any Blizzcon druid events!

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