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This is a short meta-post. In the process of editing outdps for the better part of the year, I have developed quite an excellent list of sites I keep up with. I have created a category called “spotlight” I will start to use to highlight interesting articles from other sites. These will never be in lieu of the post of the day, but be in addition to it.

I also have a widget on the right hand side for articles I share through google reader.

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I started this blog to write about PvE hunters. I then brought in a writer for PvP, who has been well received. In the interest of minimizing the number of “couldn’t think of anything today, so here’s a link to something funny” posts, I’ve decided to look into writing economic guides. I read the blogs out there, and while they helped get me started and still contain decent info sometimes, they tend to run out of stuff to say and end up talking about politics or PvP. Since I only need to fill about one post a week (when news is slow and I can’t think of any more guides to write), that works our well for me.

I have achieved excellent economic success, and am on track to get gold capped in about 5 months with a minimum of daily effort. I have loads of tricks (macros, addon configs, etc) I could share that could help many people change from doing dailies for consumables cash to running a small business that provides them with the money they need.

Still, I write this blog for you, not me. If I get enough people complaining in the comments of this post that they’d rather not get macros, addons, configurations, and marketing tips for making in game cash combined with their hunter news feed, I’ll find a way to create a separate feed that allows people to only read hunter news.

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