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Off topic and unshaven

My wife and I just brought our new baby home after what must be some sort of record short hospital stay. He’s something like 42 hours old right now, and we’ve been home since before lunch. Everyone is doing really well, and the new addition doesn’t seem to be bothering the toddler much (yet). I haven’t slept for more than a nap in 3 days, but I keep awake and happy because my wife has it worse. I remember this time well from when we had our first- we seemed to be able to draw on reserves of energy that aren’t normally there. If I don’t get 6 hours a night, I’m useless usually. Last baby, I went a month without a full night and seemed to have more energy than normal.

I’m going to continue to not shave, though.

Anyways, enough off-topic personal stuff- I should make the podcast this weekend, but there may be some… unavoidable background noise ;)

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