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I wish I could have been there, but it’s a long arse drive. More proof of the uncommon hairiness of Frost’s arms is included, as is the MOST AWESOME CUPCAKE EVER!

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I just got word from my hunter-in-arms, Frostheim, that the inspiration for most hunter blogs and half the other wow blogs on the internet, Big Red Kitty, will be joining us on tomorrow’s Hunting Party podcast! Tune in at 6:00 PM EST for the live show!

He’s still under NDA, so we’ll probably be discussing steaks and cars.

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I’ll have limited ability to post, except very early in the morning or randomly as I find a few minutes. I’m doing a training.

My instructor is a semi-retired suspender + belt wearing guy who counts in binary on his fingers (to go higher than 10) and apparently was some sort of OS developer in the 70s. This week is, so far, full of win.

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Go take a look at Bell’s post. I’m going to hazard a guess and agree that “NDA” stands for “No Dwarfs Allowed”. Also, the image at the original site has changed again :)

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Hey guys, look! Frostheim let me write a hunter article at wow.com! So I took the opportunity to make a case for taming druids.

Lastly, I think we should be able to tame druids. Wait, don’t close this browser yet! Hear me out! I think that during PvP, hunters should have a short term Mind Control they could cast that would allow them to temporarily replace their pet with a druid opponent. We can already fear them, so this doesn’t go much farther than that. I’d totally support “Tame Druid” sharing a cooldown with Scare Beast. Now in addition to the druids’ cacophony, I hear priests screaming at me. You want to keep your signature ability? Fine, make a tamed druid only as controllable as a pet and immune to falling damage. There’s no easy way to throw your pet off a cliff in a battleground, short of Eyes of the Beast, and that could be made to not work.

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Gold buyers are cheaters. Nothing infuriates me more than seeing someone cheating to avoid work I’ve been doing. It gives me that feeling you get when someone blatantly cuts in line in real life.

When I tell people that I play the AH, I get incredulous stares and hear things like “Who needs gold?” and “I’d rather actually play the game than stare at the auction house”. That’s fine and dandy, and I’ve said similar things to people who collect achievement points and vanity items. When, however, these I’m-too-good-to-worry-about-trivialities people turn around and buy gold because they decide that a battered hilt is worth 30$ to them, they lose my respect. If you decide that the economy just doesn’t apply to you, and that rewards should just be given to you without you having to work for them in game, you’re cutting in line. You’re devaluing the work done by people who are trying to obtain the same things you are without cheating. (more…)

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This will definitively end the drama between 10 and 25 man raiding: in Cataclysm, Blizzard will be making you choose between 10s and 25s. The gear reward quality will be the same, but to compensate guilds that are able to organize two and a half times the people, there will be more drops per raider.

Right now, people who raid for only a couple of nights per week need to choose between 10s and 25s already, unless they’re willing to extend lockouts or never see the last half of ICC. This has led to endless drama and raider burnout, as a very typical situation to see in guilds would be the best tanks, healers, and DPS forming their own 10 man, and then having so much fun roflstomping it with 25 man gear that they eventually stop showing up for 25s.

Honestly, I would have preferred to keep 25 man gear better quality than 10 man, however assuming they balance the quantity of rewards to make it appealing enough, I’ll be happy. If not, I’ll just find a 10 man- they’re easier to manage, often more fun, and a lot more flexible.

edit: I like 25 mans more than 10 mans, but not so much that I’m willing to do more work for the same reward. The only variables that Blizzard are leaving themselves to balance this are the difficulty difference between 10 and 25 mans content, as well as the reward per player. Those might have to be  extreme to justify spending time in a 25 man, when the same rewards are available for much less effort.

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This was brought to my attention- I strongly advocate all hunters apply to their prospective guilds this way.


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There I was, sitting on the train, planning out today’s post. Well, I was actually zoning out listening to Muse. But while doing that, I had the most awesome idea for a post! Unfortunately, having no notepad available, I decided to forgo touch-typing it into my iPod. FAIL! I totally forgot what I was going to write about by the time I woke up this morning.

I’m going to take this opportunity to keep you fine folks up to date on what’s been happening behind the scenes:

  • There are multiple episodes of the Hunting Party podcast recorded, however Faeghleis is bereft of internet, so I’ll be chopping them together as soon as I get 3 hours to spare. Not tonight, hopefully tomorrow.
  • The next show will be broadcast live again: I got a nice hand-me-down computer with a decent sound card in it that I am planning on using to push the show through uStream.
  • The hunter DPS addon is actually surprisingly close to where I said it was to get you to click on my rick roll for April Fools. I’m testing it tonight!
    • I really really like April fools.
  • I’ve gone full time marks spec- even without a bleed debuff, it’s more DPS now that I got a few marks friendly upgrades. I keep my SV spec around for nostalgia, Saurfang, and Putricide.
  • I played a BG as MM the other day with full PvE gear on, and had a surprising amount of fun. It’s very glass cannon, but all the cooldowns make it more of a glass cannon coated in industrial lubricant. Pro tip: when you’re running into a group of enemies with a group of friends, leave the healer to someone else, and focus on their rogue. Ooooh, I hate rogues.

Hear that? That’s the signal to noise ratio hitting the negatives. Later!

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Hi guys, I have a real post lined up for today, but I wanted to take a moment to direct your attention to this post on Call to Auction, my other podcast. We’re doing an in game event where the prize is 20,000g!

Long story short, you’ll be rolling level 1 dwarves (or gnomes… ew), ideally hunters, and trying to open trade with Faeghleis while PvP flagged. The catch is that my other co-host, Markco from JMTC, will be there on his level 80 gladiator prot warrior doing his best to prevent you from getting close to him, and Faeghleis will be hiding in the cave in the starter zone.

This should be an awesomely fun event, and 20,000g, while not as much as it used to be, is still a pretty good prize :)

This is all happening next Sunday night (the 28th of March) at 7:30 PM eastern. You’ll want to arrive a little early to get registered.

I hope to see many of you there- I love meeting readers in game!

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Never had to bother with one before:

  • Don’t be an arse
  • Be polite, especially when you disagree with someone
  • Don’t be an arse

Break these three simple rules, and I’ll IP ban you. Spoof your IP enough, and I’ll make comments moderated.

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I seem to have bitten off more than I can chew, blogging wise. Unfortunately, this means I’ve been neglecting things- specifically, the resource site spotlight over at Twisted Nether. Is anyone interested in taking this under their wing? It’s an excellent way to introduce your blog to people, as well as learn about all the interesting utility sites out there for WoW players.

Send an email to outdps@gmail.com if you’re interested, and I’ll get it over to the venerable Fimlys, who coordinates the TNB wiki and site.

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So last night’s live podcast went swimmingly- big thanks to all the listeners that showed up! A fun time was had by all. Except Faeghleis, who has to edit all that nonsense into one coherent file for iTunes. Poor dude…

In the after-show, Frost and I were chatting about bets. I’ve been trying to angle it so that I could win a bet against him that would make him start a twitter account. Of course, you can’t just have one side of a bet- he needs some sort of potential reward to justify his risk! Well, his suggestion was that if I lose, I would have to make him the poet laureate of OutDPS. Except the more I thought about this, the more I liked the idea… I know he hates poetry, and I think that’s the sign of an excellent poet. I couldn’t have a bet where I wanted to lose- it’s just not fair!

Without further ado, I would like to announce that Frostheim is officially… crowned? Knighted? Promoted? Whatever. Frost is now the poet laureate of OutDPS! What does this mean? Some day when you’re minding your own business, your RSS reader might suddenly slap you in the face with a terribad poem signed by Frostheim.

I gotta start thinking up other silly titles for people.

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I’m being reminded by some readers that I haven’t been posting as much as I promised. I have many excuses and explanations, but I’m just taking a moment to promise that it’s all short term things, and that I plan on spending as much (or more!) time writing for outdps as I did before I was levitated into the wow.com flying saucer.

Excuses include, but are not limited to:

  • Trying to set up the first HPP live show
  • Caring for a sick baby last week
  • Catching what she had, and being sick myself this weekend
  • Pulling all nighters at the day job. Well, night job, at this point.
  • Testing the awesome hunterdps addon that will tell you how much time you spend running when you could be shooting instead (side note: right now, the command to activate the addon is “/dps on”. How fricken cool is that?)

With that, I leave you this: (more…)

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In case you didn’t catch this at the source, I’ll be writing an auction house column at wow.com. I’m nothing if not tenacious :P

This won’t reduce the amount I write about hunters on outdps.com, so don’t worry!

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Edit: Upon further research, I think I might have jumped the shark gun. Evidently, the only way to hit the platform with a frag bomb is if you aim for it. Unless you hit it by accident while you’re hitting adds. I’m going to leave this post here as a testament to my tendency to leap without looking, but if Ensidia was indeed aiming these bombs at the platforms, they deserve the punishment they’ve received.

Edit edit: evidently, I also like to use idioms I’ve only heard once and assume I know what they mean before looking them up. Big thanks to Eidotrope for making me less lazy.


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Alpacaa produced quite possibly one of the best Louis Armstrong / Yogg Saron mashups I have ever heard. Well, one of the only ones, but it’s still one of the funniest boss kill videos I’ve watched.

He wrote the lyrics and sang this himself (video embedded after the break). For more Alpacaa boss videos, check out his youtube channel.


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